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Read books by email service DailyLit have expanded their feature list (and redesigned their site—very nice). From the (first ever) email update:

  • We now have over 675 public domain and creative commons books available for free.We have started to release bestselling and award-winning titles (for a small fee) including the #1 New York Times bestselling title, SKINNY B**CH (for $4.95); a Berlitz Spanish course created exclusively for DailyLit (for $6.95); science fiction and thrillers such as IN FURY BORN (for $4.95) and BLOOD DIAMONDS (for $4.95); and even an exclusive Kaplan SAT course (for $4.95). Harlequin titles are also in the works, available in just a few short weeks.
  • We have added many new features, including reading via RSS, advanced customization of installment delivery times and installment length, and forums for discussing books with other DailyLit subscribers.
  • To celebrate the holiday season, we have just added the ability to give a DailyLit book as a gift and add a personalized message to be included in each installment. You can send a classic book as a gift, including such holiday favorites as LITTLE WOMEN, with a personalized message — all for free (our gift to you). DailyLit gifts can be sent at the last minute and received seconds later.

I’ve tried DailyLit before and ultimately gave up on it. RSS sounds interesting but do I really need more noise in my feed reader? Anyway, I’ve decided I want books to read in my email as much as I want poetry read to me by phone. That is, not at all.

Man, that makes me sound old and grumpy. Maybe I should sign up again.

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  1. I use Daily Lit to finish those books I would like to have read but don’t really enjoy that much.

    I could not have finished Turn of the Screw if not for Daily Lit. I had tried it three times before without success.

    Vanity Fair turns out to be perfect in small chunks and a lot more fun than I remembered.

    But Dante’s Paradise still didn’t work for me, though I loved Inferno and liked Purgatory.

  2. Hey, Dawn. Have you tried out any of the new features at DailyLit?

  3. They’ve been gradually adding these features and some of them I haven’t noticed. But I have enjoyed using the ‘suspend’ and ‘send next installment.’ I like that you can ask for a specific installment now. That’s a nice feature.

    For me, this is a way of slowly inching toward getting ebooks. I’ve never bought one before, though there are some that have interested me, but I’m still at the wet ankles phase at the moment.

    I’m guessing you’ve never bought an ebook? Or, have you tried it and hated it?

  4. Well, I did win an e-book not so long ago and I can see the value for information-texts but no, I’ve never really tried ebooks.

    I mainly have health reasons though. I sit two feet from a computer monitor a minimum of 8 hours a day. Reading on a screen for pleasure or education isn’t very exciting at the end of the day.

    Plus, I like to read on the couch.

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