Secret Projects

Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of bookishness happening ’round these parts lately. There are, however, secret projects. I have two secret projects on the go—plus, one that’s not so secret, that magazine I mentioned previously. Both involve the internet. Only one involves WordPress. One has everything to do with books. One, not so much. One I’m not even sure I can do. One is even nearing completion. It’s pretty exciting.

In other news I’m very close to reaching my modest goals for the first year of this blog, 100 unique visitors per day (on average) and 100 RSS subsrcribers. I know posts like this, being off topic and all, don’t exactly help the cause… but thank you to everyone who’s been subscribing by email or in their feed reader. And thank you to everyone that keeps coming back here in their plain, old-fashioned web browser. I really appreciate it.

Now, back to my chamber of secrets…

11 responses to “Secret Projects”

  1. Secrets in the lab… Can’t wait to hear more about the projects Ian.

    I am working on a WordPress project also. I will have more news on it by the end of the month.

    Take care and good luck!

  2. Well, I like secrets.
    Congratulations on your success. I’m sure many more will come. The content is great and the design…well, it’s gorgeous.
    That reminds me: I must feature this site on iLT.

  3. Hey Will, is that secret project a new WordPress theme? 🙂 I keep clicking over to see if you’ve got that new theme up. Can’t wait for it!

    Thanks, Johno. Featured on iLT? Cool! I’m honored just that you would consider it.

    By the way, both of my secret projects are going to be able to take advantage of Typogrify. You’ve got a review coming up for that right (saw your comments on the plugin page)? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

  4. Ian
    Yes, I’ve written a review of it already. I’ve found a few minor bugs as I’ve been testing it, and have sent them to Hamish the author of the PHP port to WP plugin. He usually has it fixed and the next improved version out within minutes. I’ll probably post about it next week.

  5. I really want to take time and redesign my site. But my secret project is actually a WordPress driven site for a client.

  6. Woo! Secret projects!! Do inform us as their completion happens!

  7. I’m so close to being done one of them. Just a bit more worry and fretting and I should be done.

  8. Only 100 uniques? Hm… we have to change that! I mean it!

  9. C’mon long tail, c’mon!

    I appreciate the concern, Mig—and all the stumbles. 100 uniques is pretty sad isn’t it? I find it amusing that anyone reads this blog, though. And I’m not too too worried about numbers, but a goal is a goal, you know.

    My commentors are all super-awesome and hilarious, that’s what I really care about.

  10. Well, Ian, they have an amazingly gracious & attentive host!

    I found you via your Sandbox theme contest entry, “Essay,” which is really nice, and have been a semi-regular visitor / reader ever since.

    I’ll looking forward to seeing your new projects!

  11. Thanks, Andy! My “Essay” was a lot of fun. Plus it put me on the first page of Google for my own name. How cool is that? Watch out mathematician Ian Stewart! I’m moving up!

    Ahem. Welcome to Upper Fort Stewart, Andy.

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