A Cartoon Kid Reading a Book

I thought I’d share a sketch I just um, sketched. It’s a cartoon of a kid reading a book.

Cartoon sketch of a kid reading a book

You might notice that I draw in ballpoint pen. This isn’t a “command of the medium” thing. It’s more of a too lazy to sharpen a pencil sort of thing mixed up with bad habits from high school. You know, drawing in the margins of my notebook and such. Anyway, I usually redraw everything in Adobe Illustrator. That’s where I’ll hopefully be doing some touch up work on those poorly rendered sausages I’m trying to pass off as fingers.

Why am I sketching a cartoon of a kid reading a book? Why for my top secret project of course.

Here’s some other bookish cartoons I’ve shared, figures from the Pentateuch:

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  1. This is sooooo cute. Stumbled!

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