Poetry and WordPress

As a reader and lover of words, words, words, as a blogger loving WordPress, as a graphic artist concerned with essential simplicity and as a burgeoning web design hobbyist, it makes me all sorts of happy to read this loaded comment from WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg:

I try to imagine code like the poetry of T.S. Eliot, where words can work on many levels but their economy is paramount. To remind me of this, I sometimes code in a large serif font like Georgia rather than the traditional fixed-width font.

Mullenweg’s comment also serves to remind me that I constantly underestimate modern poetry. Even though I’m currently reading Auden I have a long history of disregarding it altogether. I’m usually only interested in poetry if archaeologists are too.

Anyway, stop reading my mind, Mullenweg. It’s creepy.

Via The Blog of Tim Ferris.

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