Back to work and Blogging again

How do I do this again? Let’s see, hunt, peck, b-o-o-k-s-b-l-o-g, ah, yes. Hello there, I’m back from vacation.

Taking a step away from this blog has been somewhat nice for me (perhaps even somewhat amusing) but, of course, I didn’t exactly remove myself completely. Observant readers may have noticed a slight change to the categorizing of posts amongst other technical things. All part of my plan to take full advantage of WordPress 2.3 and Sandbox 1.0 when they reach a more finished state. Speaking of which, I’m going to be involved with bringing the billionth blog to the internet—a quarterly theology magazine creatively set in “The Great Tradition”—don’t worry, I won’t be writing for it, just designing it. I hope it pans out. And in more bloggy news, Holy Heroes!! should be getting a spiffy new costume very soon has a spiffy new costume.

But enough of this nerd-talk let’s talk about books! I’ve various non-reviews, topics, grievances and bookish ideas stewing in my mind, all some of the things you can look forward to—or quickly mark as read in the feed reader. Amongst them:

  • Some of my favorite bookish movies
  • Useless libraries for children
  • Bill Mason
  • Karl Barth and the Pope
  • David Quammen
  • A toast to Grant Morrison
  • and gushing appreciation of Craig Thompson
  • … and other hastily concocted posts that keep me from reading

To everyone that’s new here, especially all you visitors that are suddenly coming from Google, I’m back—my apologies in advance—welcome to Upper Fort Stewart.


4 thoughts on “Back to work and Blogging again

  1. Thanks, Will. Yep, the logo’s mine. Get this: the day after I designed it I read an anti-web-2.0 article calling for a moratorium on logos featuring word balloons. I guess I just squeaked through. 😉

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