The Best of July

Wow, what a crazy month. July was just — I mean, it was just — um — let’s just say entering The Sandbox Designs Competition took a lot out of me. In an effort to quell your dissatisfaction with my somewhat irregular posting schedule this month I tried to write better posts. Apparently, you like that sort of thing. So thanks. Here’s the best of July:

Don’t Wait — 5 Classics to Read Now — My five picks for classic works you just shouldn’t wait to read. Make sure you read through the comments for more suggestions. The list should really be never-ending so don’t wait, add your own suggestions.

Stay Dead, Harry Potter — This just in: Harry Potter (possibly) lives (in a book I’ll probably never read). Um, watch out for spoilers in that last sentence. Anyway, timely or not you can get a rough idea of my opinions of the Christ figure in popular culture from this post.

I Wish I Read These As a Kid  — A list of books I wish I read as a kid, including your suggestions. Feel free to add to the list. And consider any book on this list a strong recommendation for your next read.

Two Books I Won’t Be Reading — My thoughts on two recent purchases in the context of a lament for the book buyer with sagging shelves.

Stop Reading So Many Books — My advice (based somewhat on Mortimer Adler’s) on cutting your reading pile in half using the simplest of speed-reading techniques: don’t read the whole thing.

There’s more somewhat amusing posts coming up, for good or ill, but if you liked these ones you might want to add my blog to your Technorati favorites, join my MyBlogLog community, or bookmark this page on And don’t forget to check out the Sandbox Designs Competition next week to see my design go live. Win or lose (more than likely lose) I had a lot of fun.

As always, thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing and thanks for commenting. I’m continually impressed by how great you’ve all been. Thanks for the support.

2 responses to “The Best of July”

  1. Guess what, guess what? I was standing in Chapters today, happened to stop by the graphic novels section. I saw Flight Vol. IV, remembered that you gave it a favourable mention, and decided to give it a look. After spending a few minutes, chuckling, gasping, and awwing at the first story I took it straight to the front. I have it in front of me right now, delaying the moment of satisfaction because I don’t want to read it all too quickly.

    I’ll take this over that “literary” stuff any day! (Ok, so I’ve only read one “literary” graphic novel and it was ok and all, it wasn’t *bad*, but it wasn’t fun!)

  2. That’s awesome! This is the second time I’ve made you cough up dough on books — let that visually sink in for a bit — isn’t it? Now, if only I could influence you to write about Flight on your blog.

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