The Best of May, You Say

It’s hard to believe I’m writing another best of the month post already. Where did the month go? Thanks everyone for coming by to my little site about books and reading. Or my somewhat amusing blog and books and bookish things. What does everyone think of that title? I kind of like it but I’m starting to wonder about it’s effectiveness. Feel free to suggest something else if you’re in a naming mood. Just don’t try and smash a champagne bottle over me.

Anyway, the best of the month! Let’s go.

The Stupidest Book Ever Written

I had no idea what I was going to post the morning I put this together but judging from it’s popularity I should have searched Google a little longer for the web’s worst reviews (but guess what the number one link for “Stupidest Book Ever Written” is now). Perhaps I’ll update it one day. And remember to check out the comments for Imani’s additions to the list. Read The Stupidest Book Ever Written »

Reading Like It’s Important

They say a sharp title is important to a post’s success and a reader told me this was a good one. Maybe. Or maybe you’re all like me and think reading is more than just a way to kill a few hours. Not to say that I haven’t ever read just to kill a few hours (thanks for being there internet). Anyway, check out the post. It’s my review of Rick Warren’s (yes, that Rick Warren) reading techniques. Read Reading Like It’s Important »

Acting My Age Update

If you’re new here, well, first of all, hello. My name’s Ian Stewart and I read books. Thanks for visiting and thanks for subscribing – which is free, by the way – I really appreciate you taking the time to read what I write. I do think reading is important remember. Anyway, if you’re new here, you might want to know that I tend to read like an old man. If you want to find out why, starting here might be a good way to find out. Read Acting My Age Update »

The Close of The Book of The New Sun

If you’d like to see how to review a great book on a literature blog read Myrtias (I do). If you would like to read a rambling non-review of a great book that struggles not to reveal plot as it struggles to make sense – and apparently you did, thanks! – you might want to check this out. Read The Close of The Book of The New Sun »

Thanks again everyone

Well, there’s more somewhat amusing posts coming up but if you liked these ones you might want to add my blog to your Technorati favorites, join my MyBlogLog community, or bookmark this page on All internet tools that are officially endorsed by Upper Fort Stewart. Wait, I don’t get paid for saying that do I?

As always thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing and thanks for commenting. I’m continually impressed by how great you’ve all been. Thanks for the support.

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