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The Great American Hot Dog Book

This weekend is sort of the start of summer up here in the frozen wastes of Canada, a perfect time for hot dogs I think. I made some last night, steamed buns and everything. Unfortunately, I was out of mustard. Clearly I need some help. And, despite the national past-time of most Canadians being Making-Fun-Of-Americans, it looks like the USA is ready to come to the rescue.

Becky Mercuri, in The Great American Hot Dog Book, has found a Hot Dog recipe for every state – I can’t believe there’s 50 different ways to make a Hot Dog – plus something called Pizza Fries. Pizza Fries? Count me in, Becky.

Here’s some more info from Chowhound:

The book starts out by giving a history of the American Hot Dog and debunking urban legends and myths. Well documented, this is a fine history and introduction to the regional styles and descriptions of hot dogs that follow. The chapters include hot dogs of the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Great Plains, West and Southwest, and Pacific. Ms. Mercuri not only describes the types of hot dogs popular in each region, but gives names, descriptions, and histories of hot dog establishments all across the nation. Not only a handy road trip guide, but also a cookbook as well, sharing recipes for wieners, sauces, chilis, slaws, relishes, side dishes and more.

This book will appeal not only to hardcore frank fanatics, but to anyone who likes hot dogs and has an appreciation for history. Not to mention the many cooks who might want to reproduce a relish, chili, or side dish from a favorite hot dog joint. There’s even a recipe for Italian Hot Dogs! I heartily recommend this book.

The Great American Hot Dog Book by Becky Mercuri (Amazon)

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