The Saddest Little Reader

You may not believe this but I’m a speed-reader. Well, a low-end speed-reader anyway. By low-end I mean that I hover around the absolute word-count of someone who reads sub-vocally, mimicking the human voice in their mind, and the bottom end of actual speed-reading, reading visually, reading the shapes of words instead. I mention this only to further embarrass myself in front of you when I tell you I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately. Of course, I’m still reading. Just not reading what I should be reading and not reading enough of it. Let’s look at the list.

The Second Half of The Book of The New Sun

Yes, I’m still reading this. I think it’s amazing. The actual prose, the flow of words on paper, the poetry of the whole thing, is a little inconsistent but the ideas, the feelings, and the intellectual effort to produce a genre work like this more than make up for it. And anyway, I’m only so harsh on the prose because when Gene Wolfe is on, when he’s really good, he’s really, really good.

The New Testament

I’m almost done, The New Testament and EFM. The first time I read The Bible through I read it in 4 months. Reading The New Testament was probably a month and a half of that time. Stretching an introduction to a short epistle, meant to be read aloud in an evening, out over a week doesn’t always work for me but, still, it’s been an interesting year.

CMS Manuals and Tutorials

It seems my internet experiment is paying off. At least in my own mind. I now fancy myself a web designer now, you see, and have several projects on the go. That’s what happens when you’re self taught at almost everything, you wind up thinking there’s nothing you can’t learn how to do. Anyway, Content Management Systems. To keep it short, if you’re a blogger you’ll know what a CMS is because you use one, the software that powers your blog is a simple CMS. I’ve been reading about one in particular, Joomla, an open-source project that has a lot of powerful features and cool capabilities. But, whoah, don’t worry it’s not all nerd-land yet. Researching Joomla led me to PlayShakespeare of all things, which is run with Joomla. Neat, huh?

Well, that’s it. Keep this sad speed-reader in hearts and thoughts boys and girls. Don’t be sad yourself, though. Pick up a book, read it front to back, actually finish it before you forget how it began. Don’t let what happened to Ian happen to you.

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