My Son's Jungle Book Birthday Party

Bagheera The Panther Cut-Out

My son turned three on Friday. When we asked him earlier in the month what kind of party he would like, Jungle Book or dinosaur (his two obsessions), he chose the Jungle Book. My wife decided we should make large foamcore cutouts of the Jungle Book

characters and place them around the house. We even had a cake made up with Mowgli on it. My son loved this idea. He tells us the “Jungle animals” are his favorite present.

For your amusement, photos of the three main players, Bagheera, Mowgli and Baloo. We also had Kaa, Shere Khan, Grey Brother and the Bandar-log but these are my and my son’s favorites.


8 responses to “My Son's Jungle Book Birthday Party”

  1. Are you looking to adopt another child? I’m very tid–I clean up after myself and I don’t eat much. Really. 🙂

  2. I don’t know – your fictional tastes, as opposed to my son’s, seem too detailed and nuanced to easily render. Never mind cutting them out.

  3. LOL.Imani could have a “Remembrance of Things Past” birthday party!

  4. Well, I can draw swans.

  5. You could draw beach scenes and party scenes and salon scenes. And trees! and walking paths. That’s a breeze to cut-out.If not I still do fairy-tales.

  6. My daughter LOVES “Jungle boy” movie. I have been trying to see if I can make her the mowgli cake….do you have pictures of your cake? I would love some ideas.
    Also, loved the cut outs, sure it’s a lot of work but very awesome!!

  7. The cake was pretty much just a rectangular white cake with the same image of Mowgli as seen above and room for a Happy Birthday Message.

    Currently, I’m getting ready for the Ice Age Mammals party. Go Megatherium!

  8. Hi! I am trying to look at your pictures but it will not load up on my computer?! Is there any way that you could email me them? My son will be 3 yrs on aug 10. His current obsessions are Jungle Book and Robin Hood–starting him on the classics first! He really wants a Jungle Book party but finding the characters is pretty tough. Thanks in advance for any help! Hope your Ice Age party was a success! 🙂

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