Cartoons, Super-Fantasy and Theology

 Adam from The Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures dressed as a hipster in modern clothes

I’m back after my week-long unplanned vacation. There’s nothing quite like stress and sickness at the same time is there? I feel like I’ve been abducted by aliens or something.

I return with five days of somewhat related content: Cartoons, Super-Fantasy and Theology. Trust me it will all fit. Specifically, I will be talking about Superman writer Elliot S! Maggin and Batman scholar Rabbi Cary Friedman. I’ll also be posting three of my cartoons of characters from the Old Testament, part of an abandoned art project from last year.

A note about Rabbi Cary Friedman: He’s not only one of the coolest people on earth, he’s also one of the most generous. He mailed me two of his books, Wisdom from the Batcave and Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement! Prepare for an embarrassing, gushing, public thank you: Thanks, Rabbi Friedman! Your email and the gift of the two books was really appreciated. Getting the two books in the mail last week made me feel like a kid at Christmas. Which is weird, a Rabbi reminding me of Christmas. Anyway, again, everyone, Rabbi Cary Friedman, super-cool, Batman, awesome.

The cartoon above, though it may not look like it, is titled “Adam, off to work.” Hopefully Adam’s begrudged trudging under a watching moon won’t be a bad omen for the blogging week.

6 responses to “Cartoons, Super-Fantasy and Theology”

  1. Cool!!Rabbis are awesome.Well, the ones I’ve heard about recently are!

  2. I know, I’m pretty lucky sometimes.

  3. Welcome back, glad you’re not sick anymore

  4. Thanks, Imani. I’m actually not 100% yet still I press on. Beware my ill ramblings blogosphere! Beware!

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