Best of February

February’s five most popular posts according to you, my loyal readers. Thanks again for all your support. I appreciate every comment, every email, every link and every click.

How not to read a book and why you shouldn’t

Tongue-in-cheek recommendations on how to read a book that made someone call me a tool on Reddit.

The thankfully unpleasant Cordwainer Smith

My attempt at spending an afternoon reading a pleasantly diverting book.

The Invisible Bookshelf

A link to instructions on making a super-cool floating bookshelf of wonder.

Wisdom from the Batcave

Speaking of super-cool, have I mentioned that I think Rabbi Cary Friedman is the coolest man on earth? I think he is.

Chicken Soup for the Conservative American Soul

I recommend gambling on Bennett’s Book of Virtue. My son loves it. That’s all the recommendation I need.

3 responses to “Best of February”

  1. What’s a “Reddit”?

  2. Registered users can submit news stories and blog posts to, vote on them, and comment on them. The more votes a story receives the better it ranks in Reddit. Useful if you’re browsing around looking for something interesting to read.I usually make a point of scanning the top three Web 2.0/Social Bookmarking sites (sites like Reddit) once daily by popping over to It helps one keep up with what our new masters, the computer geeks, think is interesting.Anyway, for a vain experiment I submitted a story to Reddit. A post I wrote (considered super lame behaviour on Reddit). I received one comment and one vote down. And I was called a “tool”. My very first internet insult!Does anyone think I should print out the comment and frame it or something?

  3. Hang it in the bathroom.

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