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The other day I signed up to receive books by email. Yes, by email. Wow, that sounds terrible. But it is not as bad as you think. I now receive fragments every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of Joseph Devlin’s How to Speak and Write Correctly. It’s a fairly easy to use service. Just look at that soft, pleasing front page designed to set the worried mind at ease:

I signed up for a non-fiction, how-to book intentionally. I just can’t imagine reading a fiction book, in parts, in my email. Although, if you read your email in Gmail the contextual ads could make you feel like you’re reading a nineteenth century chapbook. Maybe I should try reading Dickens this way.

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  1. Barbara's Journey Toward Justice Avatar
    Barbara’s Journey Toward Justice

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  2. Thanks for writing out such an impassioned suggestion, Barbara. That’s what makes a good blogger.And welcome to Upper Fort Stewart.

  3. In our ever busier lives any way of enjoying a good read is welcome

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