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Well, that meme from the other day struck a nerve with me. I know its just a meme but it made me realize I’m not reading enough popular books. I’m out of the loop. Out of the zeitgeist, or gestalt or – or – or something German. The fact is, I read like an old man1. I’m only 29 – I shouldn’t be reading history and theology and classical works all the time. And when I’m not doing that, I shouldn’t be reading best-ofs and extra-credit challenges. I need to cool off the anxious reader stuff.

I need your help. Help me act my age. Help me find a work of fiction from the past 10 years or so, the more recent the better. It needs to be something good, obviously, but not something from straight off of the top ten lists. Maybe something you wish had made it to the top ten lists. You all know what I like to read and my preference for edifying books. If not, check the post labels and blog archive in the sidebar. My favorite contemporary author is David Foster Wallace, if that helps.

Leave your suggestions in the comments to this post. If you’ve never commented on a blog post before just click on the word “comments” in the footer to this post and follow the simple instructions on the comment page. If you’ve never commented on a blog before this is the perfect opportunity. Just leave a book title. It’s easy. No pressure.

I promise I will take your suggestion to heart and actively hunt down your favorite books in the used bookstores of my fair city and purchase the first one I find. I’ll probably even blog about the whole thing.

So leave a suggestion in the comments and help me act my age.

1. My apologies to old men everywhere. Old men look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.

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