The Doors of Deception

Wouldn’t you like to pull your favorite book off the shelf, or maybe a cleverly titled one like The Doors of Perception, and have the bookcase slowly swing into the wall to reveal a secret room? I would.

If only there was a company on the internet that could do that for me…

You know, if I had enough money to afford something like this I would furnish my secret room with something nicer than a stacking tupperware container. “And finally here, and I don’t show this to everyone now, is my super secret sewing room.”

2 thoughts on “The Doors of Deception

  1. LMAO!The only things worthy of hiding behind such a door would be:1. Bolthole for Jews, priests, Armenians, gays, or whoever else is being persecuted at the time.2. Superhero headquarters.3. S & M dungeon.4. Entrance to mystical parallel universe.

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