Graphic Classics

Hey! Classics Illustrated are back. Oh, wait.

When the press release came out about the first Graphic Classics collection, I remember its stressing that these books were not an updated version of Classics Illustrated. I also remember being skeptical. You mean to tell me that you’re adapting the work of literary giants into comic format, but it’s not like Classics Illustrated? How do you do that exactly? There can only be so many ways to adapt this material, right?

They’re not really back. But look at this

The creators of Graphic Classics have even found ways to improve on the original works in some instances. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for example. I’ve always grown bored with Jekyll’s letter in Stevenson’s story and this was no exception, but illustrator Michael Slack is one of my favorites, and his illustrations are anything but uninteresting. They look like something you’d find in a very macabre children’s book and I found myself looking at them and skipping the text that accompanied.

I guess that’s a recommendation. I think. Read the whole thing here.

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