5 thoughts on “Batman and Eve

  1. I think it might be by Ty Templeton from a DC special.I sent this out to my coworkers last year in an email entitled Your Bible Study Lesson for Today. I was reading Genesis at the time and, you know, well, Batman!

  2. Under normal circumstances Batman doesn’t wear shorts or expose his legs in general. In training for his lifelong battle against crime he specialized in punching and really ignored kicking – leaving him with embarrassingly skinny man legs.

  3. That’s from DC’s “Elseworld’s 80 Page Giant” comic. It featured ‘alternate’ versions of popular heroes, including Batman as Adam (seen above). Some of the content was deemed “inappropriate” (such as baby Superman in a microwave) and the issues were ordered destroyed shortly after publication.
    Some of them still exist in the UK, however, and are a highly sought after collector’s item.

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