Dont you ever stop long enough to start

Still fiddling with the design I’m afraid. Looking at the site at 800 x 600 resolution I realize my modifications are about as fluid as a stone. I need some CSS lessons. Or maybe Moses.

I’ve added a gradient to the top to soften things up a bit. I’ve probably been looking at that Firefox start page too often. I’ve also added recent comments to the sidebar – another brain-breaking addition. Beautiful Beta and Beta Blogger for Dummies are big helps if anyone else is thinking about bastardizing their Blogger template.

Thank you to Elliot and Imani for adding me to your Blogrolls. I feel like a real blogger. And thank you to the 50 people who appear to be reading this blog regularly. Wow! Don’t go away, I’ll get better, I promise.

Hey, I’m new, 50 people is a lot.

I think I’m now officially addicted to my Google Analytics. There’s no cure for that is there? No? Magnificent!

2 responses to “Dont you ever stop long enough to start”

  1. You’re very welcome even if I’m regretting my decision because I can’t imagine what having 50 regular readers feel like and am now jellus.

  2. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve only been around for two weeks, right? 50 people can turn into just me and my wife really quick.

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