Looks aren't everything

I’ve been fiddling around with my template. It’s tough being a graphic designer that has zero web design skills. I feel so – s0 – so helpless! I almost broke my brain adding that third column.

I think it looks a little too much like a ‘guy’ website. Muy macho, you know? Like, sci-fi, classics, theology, dork macho. It’s a good thing I have that sissy heart cartoon.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

4 responses to “Looks aren't everything”

  1. And here I assumed that a graphic designer knew exactly what he was up to with his web design. I like it. I didn’t even realize the cartoon was a heart – I just saw a two-headed alien.

  2. Repent, and Blogger no more! Switch to WordPress. Come on, everyone is doing it….

  3. I like it. I like it a lot. I like the clean, simple look and the different colour fonts used, and that funky heart graphic. You broke your brain adding a third column? I do that almost everytime I’m adding a link and book cover image to my sidebar. In short I’m jealous.In a good way. 😉

  4. Ian Daniel Stewart Avatar
    Ian Daniel Stewart

    Thanks for the comments!Elliot: I don’t know much about coding. I can make neat-o things to go with the code, though.Sylvia: I guess I’m the Bizarro Blogger. I started out with WordPress, for a week or so, last year. Now I’m a Blogger-blogger. Go figure.Imani: I’m glad you like the cartoon. But I find it hard to believe you’re jealous of my skills when you have such a killer blog.

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