The Man Who is Chesterton

I may have to read The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare (affiliate Link) again after reading Anne Perry’s short article on G.K. Chesterton’s classic. She refers to that confusing conundrum of a book as “food, armor, and a compass for the soul”. How many authors get to have that said about them? Too few.

“A Crazy Tale” by G.K. Chesteron is a favorite of mine, about a new type of animal…

…a new animal with eyes to see and ears to hear; with an intellect capable of performing a new function never before conceived truly; thanking God for his creation. I tell you religion is in it’s infancy; dervish and anchorite, Crusader and Ironside, were not fanatical enough, or frantic enough, in their adoration. A new type has arrived. You have seen it.

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