Sometimes when I listen to Suzanne I have to remind myself that someone wrote this song. That is, it didn’t just spring up from nowhere or always exist. But every time I listen to it I’m impressed. It’s beautifully written. Which isn’t hard to say — it’s a classic, right? — but still, it’s beautifully written.

Girl of My Dreams

Here’s Gene Austin performing Girl of My Dreams. My wife’s grandfather often performed this for her on the piano and it’s where the last blog post title came from.

We Are The Small Axe

Maybe it’s all the talk about the fight against SOPA/PIPA but Bob Marley and The Wailers’ Small Axe is the song of the week for me. It’s true, “you are an agent of change” and we can cut down any tree no matter how large. Anyway, it’s an awesome song and worth listening to every day for more than a week. Here it is.

Gogol Bordello: Rebellious Love

I told you I was somewhat obsessed. 🙂 Here’s a pretty awesome live version of Rebellious Love by Gogol Bordello. I’d say it’s one of my favorite songs off their latest album but, honestly, it’s hard to pick.

Gogol Bordello: My Strange Uncles From Abroad

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with Gogol Bordello for the past week or so. If you aren’t somewhat obsessed with them too you’re missing out. Anyway, this isn’t exactly terribly representative of their immigrant punk sound but it’s pretty awesome nonetheless; here they are doing an acoustic version of My Strange Uncles From Abroad.

Pearl Jam Twenty Was Awesome

I’ve never been to a movie where everyone — EVERYONE — sits patiently waiting for the screen to finally go black after the very last credit and logo rolls by. Because we all wanted more. Incredible.