Warriors stand for something

“I’m no longer an athlete,” he said. “I’m a warrior now. There’s a big difference. The athletes are just out to get paid. Warriors stand for something.”
Vegan bodybuilder Ken Williams

Orange Belt in Karate

I got my Orange Belt, or seventh kyu, certificate in Shotokan Karate tonight. My 15 or 20 minute test that resulted in four days of stiff, sore muscles and blistered feet feels like a pretty good effort now. Apparently the testing instructor felt like I put on a good show. My sensei said it was a test to be proud of.

Now on to Green Belt!

Farmer denied horse shelter permit builds giant table and chairs? Not really.

I’ve seen this picture twice now on Twitter. The story is that a farmer was denied a permit to build a horse shelter so he builds a giant table and chairs which don’t need a permit. Brilliant, right?

It’s a cool story but according to Snopes it’s not true.

Although the photographs are real, the claim about the giant furnishings’ having originated as a way of skirting the law is a bit of fiction: the structures were built to serve the dual purpose of providing some shelter for the equines and serving as a visual advertisement for their owner’s business.

I haven’t had a chance to do this in a while but here’s some advice for when this story starts to show up in your inbox with lots of FWs in the subject line. Hit reply all and link back to the story on Snopes. It’s kind of a jerky thing to do — it’s just a story about horses! — but every time you do it one less email gets sent out about autism being linked to vaccines, Barack Obama being born outside of the states, or whatever nonsense is being spread around right now. I don’t really know. I don’t get these emails anymore.

That said, I wish the story was true. The real story kind of sucks.

Colemak Check-in

I just tested my typing speed for the first time in … months. I hit 72wpm with 0 errors on one test. But that’s using the Colemak layout. So glad I switched. It makes typing a pleasurable experience, not a chore for my hands.