Lee “Scratch” Perry: The Wonderman Years


I love the Jack Kirby and Marvel comics inspired cover for this Lee “Scratch” Perry compilation. It’s a little Ditkoesque as well. Scratch looks a lot like The Creeper here.



We’ve got a big splotch of primer on our kitchen wall that we’re not ready to paint over right now so we’re using it to frame my sons Minotaur collage for the time being.

DIY Walrus Shirt

Why is he wearing a monocle? “Because he’s a butler.” Oh. Just another example of why I’m lucky to be a dad, having a kid wearing home made walrus-monocle shirts.

Star Wars Storyboard Artist David Russell on Jack Kirby

When asked where his inspiration comes from Russell cites Jack Kirby.

I would have to say Jack Kirby. I picked up my first Jack Kirby comic around 11 or 12 and it was something about his keen visual narrative that set off an explosion in my mind. I later had the chance to meet him and he became a great friend and mentor. I’ve applied his narrative techniques in all of my films. I believe to this day that comics are one of America’s most powerful art forms.

Via The Movie Blog.

Comics Creator cuts up Fantastic Four #2, makes something new

It’s a Burroughs-esque effort at creating a new piece of art by cutting up an existing one and re-purposing it.

My first reaction on seeing this was, “Wait. What? Seriously?” but I love comics destroyer/creator David Hines’ comment on it.

Don’t forget that a comic book is not an original work of art. It is a printed copy, created to be disposable. However, by using a comic book as material for a new creation – in this case a new cut-up narrative – it does become an original work of art, unique and arguably more ‘valuable’.

I have no problem with collectors choosing to keep their comics in nice condition as long as they still read them. For me, the really pointless ‘desecration’ of comics is to seal them forever in blocks of plastic.

You can buy your own copy and do the same thing if you have five or six hundred dollars lying around that you’re not using.