What Kind of Pie Do You Like?

From an email exchange at work regarding pie as a reward.

K: Don’t eat desert boys. Ian, what kind of pie do you like?

Ian: Fresh blueberry pie. But the blueberries MUST be picked by hand. I’m afraid I have to insist on this. One can tell the difference. I would also like FRESH whipped cream. Organic cream. Purchased directly from a willing dairy farmer brave enough to bypass the Province’s draconian and unnecessary pasteurization standards. You should read the latest info on pasteurization. It’s a scandal on par with vaccination.

If there is an egg wash on the homemade crust it can be made either from free-range eggs or Omega-3-enhanced eggs. The choice is up to you. I don’t want to be impossible or anything. And please prepare the crust with Healthy Hemp Harvest’s vegan-friendly lard substitute, LARhempa. They also sell some really great pie pans made from vanterized hemp. You don’t have to use them—but it wouldn’t hurt.

There’s a lot of really great products you can make out of hemp. You should read up on that too.

Also, could you have it warmed up slightly for me? Not HOT, mind you. Just warmed up. Slightly.

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