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Have no fear. Upper Fort Stewart is here! Well, sort of. Obviously posting frequency is down—but I’m not. Nor am I out. I’m just busy. Here’s what currently fills my plate.

Launching two new blogs in January

Yep, that’s right two. But I’m only writing one, a WordPress theme/blog design/graphic design blog/God help me they’ll find out I don’t know what I’m doing blog. I’ve written about twenty-five posts, brainstormed ideas for seventy-five more and developed three themes, with at least two more on the way, not counting the theme I’ve developed for the main blog itself which will be released once I eventually get tired of it and develop a new one, which, if history repeats, should be about three hours after I launch. Needless to say, that’s been a lot of work.

I’ll probably explain more about this blog’s genesis once I launch it but it should be fairly obvious that it’s related to my goal of building web-design skills.

The other blog I’m launching has been developed for one of the toughest clients in the world, my wife. She’s caught the blogging bug and is currently writing up on a storm on branding and graphic design—that being what she does for a living. All I’ve done is develop the theme, once so far, and probably twice when I go through her revisions. Plus, I did all the WordPress setup, which, frankly, is a heck of a lot of work.

I like to think of her as the Seth Godin of graphic design. She has a unique way of looking at the subject and communicating her ideas in simple, but unexpected and ultimately profound ways. Really. You’ll want to read her stuff.

Actually, you’ll want to read both of these blogs. But not yet. They’re not ready and it’s not January you see. Hold your horses already.

Secret Kid’s Book Web Project

I’m not actually sure how much I want to say about this project. I’ve been thinking about it and working on it for three months now at least. It’s not a blog, I can say that much. It’s sort of a portfolio piece crossed with an idea that’s dear to my heart (corny—but true) and a service that could actually be of some value. It involves very little programming (PHP) on my part, thanks largely to the effort of thousands of other people. In other words, hooray for open source.

I think that’s all I want to say about that.

The Minstrel

As previously mentioned I’ve managed to hack up a WordPress theme that will deliver content like a quarterly magazine and will be using it to bring our local theology journal, The Minstrel, to the web. If you’re interested you can go visit it’s vast nothingness at TheMinstrel.com. Ultra-minimalism in the extreme.

Once the theme blog is launched I’ll be sharing exactly how to code a quarterly-magazine WordPress theme yourself. And I’ll probably release a stripped down version of The Minstrel theme.

But what about Upper Fort Stewart?

Well, I haven’t given up on it. Just hold tight. And I haven’t lost any of my ridiculousness. I do feel bad that having met my goal of 100 daily unique visitors and 100 RSS subscribers—thanks for that by the way—I sort of dropped off the face of the web. That’s kind of embarrassing, isn’t it? I’ll probably have to start lifestreaming or something. Yechh.

Anyway, what I’m reading now: The Great Ideas Today and Little, Big by John Crowley.

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  1. Were you being very exact about the “vast nothingness” remark? Because The Minstrel link doesn’t work for me. :/

  2. Unfortunately, yes. There’s nothing there yet. I’m not exactly sure why I linked to nothing…

  3. Looking forward to all your projects, Ian!

  4. Thanks, CircleReader.

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