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My wife and I have been talking about school lately. We have a three year old boy and the idea that he’ll soon have to go to school is starting to creep into our minds. Well, actually, more like sky dive towards Jupiter into our minds. Kids grow up fast.

Anyway, I just found out our second choice of school (can’t afford the first, private school) has no library. An elementary school with no library. I wouldn’t be surprised now if they told me the kindergarten teacher is part-time and is supported by student-lead peer supervision.

They don’t have an art program either. My wife, who teaches art through a city program and also gives private lessons to children, has already been told she’ll be asked to volunteer her expertise. We joked about me having to be the volunteer librarian. I can see it now. I pull up in front of the school in my rusting white cavalier and step out, dressed in black, three day beard, computer bags under my eyes. I step to the trunk. A quick glance assures me there’s no penny-pinching, library hating, conservative types around. The kids gather quickly as I pull out my stash. Alligator Soup. White Fang. The Hobbit. Treasure Island. The Jungle Book. The Silver Chair. Yeah, it’s strong stuff but you have to get them hooked the first time if they’re going to come back.

This is what I get for making fun of the Library, isn’t it?

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