Star Wars Storyboard Artist David Russell on Jack Kirby

When asked where his inspiration comes from Russell cites Jack Kirby. I would have to say Jack Kirby. I picked up my first Jack Kirby comic around 11 or 12 and it was something about his keen visual narrative that set off an explosion in my mind. I later had the chance to meet him… Continue reading Star Wars Storyboard Artist David Russell on Jack Kirby


Phantom Menace 3D trailer robs Star Wars of its last shred of dignity

In this ridiculous trailer, a narrator desperately tries to Honey Badger his way into making this movie kid-friendly. Can’t wait until the kids get a load of Qui-Gon Jinn’s hilarious Trade Federation banter! Watch this trailer, and weep for future generations. So nasty. Via io9. Oh, the aforementioned Honey Badger.


Moving on From Star Wars

Joen Asmussen points out the flaw in the geek-logic that drives genre fans to do ridiculous things like spend 400 hours restoring the original theatrical release of Star Wars: That would be me if not for the fact that I discovered other sci-fi television. Turns out, if you have 400 hours to spare, instead of… Continue reading Moving on From Star Wars