Holding Off on Week 3 for the Couch to 5K

I skipped my week 3, day 1, run for Couch to 5K today. My knee — which had been bugging me all weekend — wouldn’t let me do it. Which is a pain. And not just in the knees. It’s likely that my legs, conditioned to do just about nothing, can’t handle the little bit of running I’m doing. I’m going to head back to the week 1 and week 2 plans this Wednesday and Friday and see how that goes. Take that, legs!


A Running Moment

I had a running moment this morning. By “a running moment” I mean forgetting about what I’m doing, thinking about something else, and running unconsciously. And it was pretty brief. But as someone who’s only in his second week of the couch to 5K running plan and hasn’t run since high school — where I… Continue reading A Running Moment