Comics Creator cuts up Fantastic Four #2, makes something new

It’s a Burroughs-esque effort at creating a new piece of art by cutting up an existing one and re-purposing it. My first reaction on seeing this was, “Wait. What? Seriously?” but I love comics destroyer/creator David Hines’ comment on it. Don’t forget that a comic book is not an original work of art. It is… Continue reading Comics Creator cuts up Fantastic Four #2, makes something new


Embarrassing Teenage Comic Book Art

At one time — a long, long time ago in the dark days of high school — I wanted to draw comic books. All the time. For a living. The other day one of my old high school friends (What up, Morton?) popped by the house and gave me a concrete reminder of that. That… Continue reading Embarrassing Teenage Comic Book Art


The Avengers

I can’t believe this movie is being made. Whether or not it ends up being good it’s pretty impressive for comic geeks like me to see something like this. Here’s a poster made for this weekend’s San Diego Comic Convention showing concept art of the Avengers in action. It better be good. :)