Going cold turkey with the Colemak keyboard layout

My colleague, Jerry Bates, on going Colemak turkey: I have now been typing on Colemak “cold turkey” for about a week now, and I am here to say that I am more than surviving.  In fact, I have been doing just fine.  Granted, I am still typing rather slowly and cautiously, and need to “peek”… Continue reading Going cold turkey with the Colemak keyboard layout


Switching to Colemak for Typing: What worked

First of all, What’s Colemak? To put it simply, it’s a more efficient arrangement of the keys on your keyboard. Yes, more efficient than Dvorak. Plus, unlike Dvorak, it keeps all the most common keys used in keyboard shortcuts in place. It’s a keyboard layout for people who make their living using a computer. I… Continue reading Switching to Colemak for Typing: What worked


Colemak Check-in

I just tested my typing speed for the first time in … months. I hit 72wpm with 0 errors on one test. But that’s using the Colemak layout. So glad I switched. It makes typing a pleasurable experience, not a chore for my hands.


I’ve Given Up on QWERTY

If you hadn’t noticed a Colemak-sized bomb dropped on my blog and slowed down my rate of posting. That’s OK though. Today was a turning point in my alternative keyboard adventure. I realized that I’ve given up on QWERTY. I fired up the Windows OS in a virtual machine and started typing gibberish into the… Continue reading I’ve Given Up on QWERTY


Colemak Progress

My attempt at learning to type using the Colemak layout is still in progress and going well. I briefly considered switching last night but I think I’m going to keep building up my typing skill in it for a few more days at least. It might be next Monday at the latest that I go… Continue reading Colemak Progress