What WordPress Themes are really about (and WordPress 4.1)

I’ll be committing code to WordPress again with version 4.1! I made my last big contribution with Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven where I had a hand in both design and coding. (It was with Twenty Eleven where I was actively contributing code). This time I won’t be working on a theme I designed. Instead, I’ll be… Continue reading What WordPress Themes are really about (and WordPress 4.1)


Me and Twenty Fourteen designer Takashi Irie

I’m lucky enough to get to see Takashi Irie several times a year but on a recent trip to London he and I took our photo together with the intention of helping me complete my weird collection of photos with default WordPress theme designers. Takashi is the designer of the super-cool Twenty Fourteen. You may… Continue reading Me and Twenty Fourteen designer Takashi Irie


Reid Peifer on WordCamp Winnipeg

Reid Peifer of Modern Tribe posted a great review of WordCamp Winnipeg yesterday. I’m happy to see that he found it “a conference, full of hope, optimism, and promise.” That’s exciting. I had a great time myself and I’m looking forward to next year. Check out Reid’s review to see what you missed.


I’m going to WordCamp Minneapolis!

I’m going to WordCamp Minneapolis on April 27th! I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and, of course, talking about WordPress themes. I hope to see you there!


Matías Ventura and I — and all the WordPress Default Theme Designers

This year I finally got to meet Kubrick designer Michael Heilemann. Kubrick is the theme that became the default theme for WordPress forever to be known as Default. Dork that I am I got my picture taken with him. My first WordPress celebrity fanboy moment. I’m a theme designer, it happens. While in San Francisco… Continue reading Matías Ventura and I — and all the WordPress Default Theme Designers

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My WordPress Theming Inspiration

I sometimes tell people that it was the Happy Cog Blogger template project that got me into theming. Specifically one blog post about it by one of the designers that made me think, “Whoah! Theming for thousands of people is a really cool design problem that I’d love to tackle!” Of course, I totally forgot… Continue reading My WordPress Theming Inspiration


Kirby based on Kirby

Why haven’t I noticed this before? The Jack Kirby Museum blog design — running on WordPress — is based on the Twenty Ten theme which itself is based on a WordPress theme I cooked up called … Kirby. It was cheekily named after one of my design heroes much like the then current default WordPress… Continue reading Kirby based on Kirby