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Lee “Scratch” Perry: The Wonderman Years

I love the Jack Kirby and Marvel comics inspired cover for this Lee “Scratch” Perry compilation. It’s a little Ditkoesque as well. Scratch looks a lot like The Creeper here.


Merry Go Bye Bye

One of the best album closers of all time, Merry Go Bye Bye from Mr. Bungle’s epic Disco Volante. At least from the 90s. If you’re going to listen to it, do it right. Listen to the whole track straight through — the whole track — with the speakers turned up.


My Lee “Scratch” Perry Black Ark Playlist

I’m a bit of a fan of Reggae and Dub producer Lee “Scratch” Perry so I’ve made an Rdio playlist stuffed with tracks recorded at his Black Ark Studios in the 70s. That’s the Studio that Perry burnt down one day after what was likely a drug and anxiety fueled breakdown. Anyway, the playlist is… Continue reading My Lee “Scratch” Perry Black Ark Playlist


My Favorite Leonard Cohen Songs

I’m only a casual Leonard Cohen fan, I hear songs, I like them. But the ones I like usually rapidly move to songs I love. Here, in no particular order, are my favorite Leonard Cohen songs. This ones for you Lance. :) .@iandstewart This is a new low for your blog. The one artist I… Continue reading My Favorite Leonard Cohen Songs