Nielsen is wrong on mobile

I read this post and am now blogging about it … on my phone.

Stripping out content from a mobile website is like a book author stripping out chapters from a paperback just because it’s smaller. We use our phones for everything now; there’s no such thing as “this is mobile content, and this is not.”

Read Nielsen is wrong on mobile.

A mini-review of John Carter

First of all, it should have been called A Princess of Mars (the title of the book it’s based on). It’s a romantic adventure movie, that’s a perfect title. But is it good? Yeah, it’s pretty good leaning to just OK. It’s really too bad it flopped so ridiculously hard. It could have started a really cool trilogy of movies. I think the big problem is the flabby screenplay. Considering the people involved — Andrew Stanton and Michael Chabon — this is really surprising. It’s flabbiness was made even more apparent by me finally watching the super-lean and packed-tight Adventures of Tintin later that night. If only Edgar Wright could work on every screenplay.

Taking Pleasure in Talk

To take pleasure in talk is to take pleasure in the rich, voluptuous lifting of the self through words that find an echo, an amplification, and an amendation in the words of others. Only when you learn that pleasure, I am convinced, is it possible to generate ideas alone—to engage in talk with yourself.

From Dr. Johnson’s Profession.

I’ve Given Up on QWERTY

If you hadn’t noticed a Colemak-sized bomb dropped on my blog and slowed down my rate of posting. That’s OK though. Today was a turning point in my alternative keyboard adventure. I realized that I’ve given up on QWERTY. I fired up the Windows OS in a virtual machine and started typing gibberish into the IE9 address bar because, of course I hadn’t switched the keyboard layout there and I was instinctively typing using the Colemak layout. It was annoying as hell. So now I have Colemak installed there too. I’m done with QWERTY. I may only be typing 40wpm now and won’t suddenly get over 100 just because I switched layouts but once you realize how silly the QWERTY layout is you just have to do something about it. It took me a year to do that something but I did it. It feels good!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go feel bad about how long it took me to type this post. :)

Good Copywriting

Good copywriting makes you want to eat your shampoo. It takes an ordinary ingredient list and makes a Narnia; a fantasy world that anyone can get to if only they have the right, otherwise ordinary but for whatever secret magic they’re imbued with, material stuff. In other words it makes you want to eat your soap.